Hummingbird Food Recipe

annas_hummingbird_sim_1Hummingbirds are attracted mostly to tubular shaped, nectar rich flowers. Many of us like to supplement their natural food source by providing feeders for them to sip from.

Here’s the recipe . . .

4 parts water to 1 part sugar.

Mix well and pour into feeder. No need to add red food coloring to the mixture. In many cases the chemicals found in food coloring are harmful to the birds. Most feeders have red coloring on them and that’s sufficient to attract birds to the feeder.

Be sure to change the water more frequently in hot weather. I usually mix small amounts so feeder is only about half filled. That way I’m not wasting as much sugar when I change the water mixture.

Best to place the feeder somewhere by itself and not close to a seed feeder. Hummingbirds usually don’t like sharing their feeding grounds with other types of birds.



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