Nesting Materials for Birds

A Robin with Brian Williams hair from Barnstable Devon. 29 APR 2009 see SWNS story SWNEST A man who has his hair cut in the back garden was bald over - after THREE species of birds built nests from his locks. Retired teacher Brian Williams, 68, has a trim every month by wife Joan who collects his grey curls on a old rug.She then shakes the blanket into the back garden but the trimmings have now been put to another use by THREE birds. A goldfinch, a greenfinch and a robin have all collected the hair and used them to build homes in his garden. The couple have now been able to take photos of all three birds swooping down and picking up the snippings.

Do you have an area in your yard where you can place miscellaneous nesting material for the birds in your neighborhood? In early Spring they start gathering items for nesting. Helping them in this task will attract and keep birds in your yard. Here is a small list of things you could make available to them. A wire suet feeder containing these items and hung from a tree branch is an excellent way to offer them.

  • Bits of cotton balls
  • Cat, dog, rabbit fur
  • Feathers (highly valued)
  • Grass
  • Horse, human hair
  • Moss
  • Narrow (6″ – 8″ long) strips of material
  • Pine needles
  • Straw
  • String
  • Twigs
  • Wood shavings
  • Wool
  • Yarn (6-8″ long)

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