Babette’s Garden



As you walk through my garden you will find the new Rain barrel with Ferns and flamingoes.


The Fireplace is next, carrying the 50’s theme.


You will now enter the hot tub area.


The hot tub area starts to take on a Hawaiian Theme.

IMG_3319This is our original pond, reworked over the years.

IMG_3320The Hawaiian Theme is carried through the grass “Serpentine” area.


This is a height transition area, created to merge the path with pond area.his large pond is 15′ x 30′ and was built in 2008, by my husband and I.


Wine décor for my Grapevine area.


To the left of this path is my Rain Garden.  This garden is fed pond water, from the large pond that we backwash. All the good nutrients are deposited here. This is done about once a week in the  spring/summer season. This rain garden retains water that would normally run off our property.


Wild flowers and grasses  dot the back fence as you walk with animal decoys toward the next garden.


This is an English Themed garden, It has a facade on the back of the garage to give height to the garden.


A small pond is also in the area,  home to frogs during the season.


As you reach the end of the English garden you will be welcomed by an arch covered in honeysuckle vine. You will be entering my favorite garden, “The Fairy Garden”.


I have made miniature scenes mounted to boards that are mounted to the brown stained garage siding, a perfect background.





To the left,  I have planted a small leaf vine in hopes that I can train it to flow from one tiny garden to the next. This will create a larger village effect. I plan on adding staircases and waterfall.

Thanks for touring!!


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  1. A wonderful tour. Very warm and welcoming…


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