Meetings & Events

The Schererville Garden Club meets the third Monday each month (February through June)(September through November) at the Schererville Town Hall, 10 E. Joliet St., in downtown Schererville.

Meetings are open to any adult who has an interest in learning more about gardening or who wants to share their own knowledge with other gardeners. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

If you wish to join, there is a $12.00 annual membership fee. Membership provides continuing education through monthly programs and activities.

For further information about meetings and membership please contact us.

We also have a Luncheon every second Tuesday of the month at a different restaurant near Schererville.

Also, Check out all of the Fun at the Blog

2016 Meeting & Events Schedule

January 12- Luncheon at Teibel’s at 11:30


February 10- Luncheon-11:30 @TBA

February 15 Meeting:  “Butterfly Gardens” by Master Gardener Susan Radovich

March 8-Luncheon-11:30 @TBA

March 12-Spring Forward Seminar

March 21 Meeting: ” Wild Birds Unlimited”  by Carol Harsh

March & April: Clean-up at Redar Park  TBA

April 12-Luncheon 11:30 @TBA

April 18 Meeting “Small Space Gardening” by Master Gardener Mary Jo Weaver

April 23-24- Illiana Garden Pond Society’s Expo Weekend-SGC booth and Sale

May 10-Luncheon 11:30 @ TBA

May 16 Meeting: “Gardening on a Shoestring” by Master Gardener Nikky Witkowski

June 7-Luncheon-11:30@TBA

June 20 Meeting:  “Bee Keeping” by Master Gardener Susan Eleuterio

June-SGC group to a local Garden Walk TBA

July-August-Progressive Dinner TBA

July 12-Luncheon-11:30@TBA


August 9-Luncheon-11:30@TBA


September 13-Luncheon-11:30@TBA

September 19 Meeting “Gardening without Pesticides” by Master Gardener Dolly Foster

October 11 Luncheon-11:30@TBA

October 17 Meeting:  Video-Jerry Bakers “Gardening Wisdom”

November 8-Luncheon-11:30@TBA

November 21 Meeting: Year in Review-Elections

December 4-Christmas Party @ Livio’s

December 13 Luncheon-11:30@TBA




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